Half term Band Days June 21


Band Sessions at TMB - BOOK NOW

We believe that playing in a band is an incredibly rewarding experience. It’s a way of making life-long friends, experiencing the buzz of playing live, meeting new people and it’s also a fantastic way of honing your playing skills.

This half term we are running two session for you!!


1)  The Band Day will be from 10am - 1pm. You will come to the studio and learn a song or two of your choice with an expert TMB teacher helping you all out. We will help work out your part, get the others and you playing in time as a cohesive group and show you the thrill of making music together!! If there is time, we will also let you perform to whoever comes to collect you at the end!!

2) The second session is very similar in that you will play in a group of likeminded musicians under the expert guidance of our TMB teacher but this time you can compose your own song..... Yep!!!! It is a songwriting band session!!

BOOK now as places are limited due to Covid restrictions.

All Covid rules are take very seriously at TMB to keep our environment as safe as possible. You all matter to us! All spaces and instruments are sanitised, and even though it is a group session there will be a maximum of 6 per group. 



Set up your kit comfortably
Changing drum heads
Tune your drums
Drum accessories - Bells, chimes, chinese cymbals, brushes, blocks

Re-string my guitar/ bass/ uke
Setting up my guitar
Amps and how to use them
Open tuning and Bottlenecks
Learn to loop

Use the different sounds on the keyboard
Using drum beats, left hand chords and record functions

Look after your voice
Making music from your voice
Mic technique vs Acoustic singing